Student Loan – M Pokket Student Loan App in INDIA

Student Loans –

  Today’s article, We are telling you about the “Student Loan App.” Many Loan Apps on Google Playstore provide Loans Instantly, But few Applications can scam with you, So we suggest the best “loan Apps” Names. But before telling you the Apps Name, We give information on essential Documents and Eligibility.

It is not right to take loans from any app Because their interest is very high; take a Loan only if you are in trouble.

( Interest rates – from 1% to 6% per month )

Important information about loan app that should know before taking a Loan –
  • Customer Care
  • Registered on RBI
  • Company fraud or not 

Imp Documents For Student –
  • Adhar Card / Pan Card
  • College Id / School Id

  • Bank Account
  • Selfie

Eligibility For Loan –

  • Indian Resident
  • 18 -65 year old

M Pokket : Personal Loan & Instamt Student Loan App –

When we need money, We prefer to choose the most accessible App; One of the M Pokket Loan App. M Pokket provides instant personal loans to all college students and recent graduates from college. M Pokket app was launched in 2016.
Depending on their profile and credit history, you can take instant cash loans anywhere between Rs.500Rs.20,000.

Founders: Gaurav Jalan · Samarjit Choudhury
CEO: Gaurav Jalan.

Why Choose M Pokket App –

  • The company aims to make students financially responsible and independent.
  • The loan amount is sent via instant credit to the Bank Account or Paytm Wallet.

  • M Pokket Loan App does not require its users to provide collaterals or physical documents.

  • M Pokket app are an RBI registered NBFC.

  • User-friendly and enticing Interface.

How you can take a loan from M Pokket –

We guide you Step-By-Step.

Step 01. You can download and install the M Pokket instant loan app from the Google Play Store.

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Click Here For Download: DOWNLOAD

Step 02. Enter your mobile No for Mobile Verification. An OTP (One Time Password) came on your mobile No and Varified it.

Step 03. Allow the permission –
Step 04. Sign Up with Facebook or Google Account.

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Step 05. After download and Installed, give your information DOB (Date of Birth), NAME, Email Id, Password, Promotion Code/ Referral Code, and Register.

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You have need to need verify your account by few Way –

KYC Verification Id
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Adhar Card
NOTE – Use anyone ID only

PAN Card KYC Verification Id
  • PAN Card Necessary For Verification.

Other Verification
  • Take a Selfie
  • Personal Information
  • Selfie Video
  • Student Information

  • Bits and pieces

  • Bank Account

Key Features –
  • Instant Personal Loan up to Rs 30,000
  • Cash Transfer to Bank/Paytm Account, cash loan in 2 minutes
  • Flexible Repayment Options, Repay in 4 Months
  • Rewarded for Timely Repayments
  • Interest rates range between 1% to 6% per month. The Maximum tenure is 120 days.
  • Interest rates range between 1% to 6% per month. The Maximum tenure is 120 days.

For example, for a student or salaried personal loan –

  • Loan amount – Rs 2000
  • Tenure – 3 Months
  • Interest Rate – 2%
  • Processing Fee – Rs 203
  • GST on Processing Fee – Rs 37
  • Total Interest – Rs 120
  • APR – 72%
  • The Loan amount is Rs 2000; The Disbursed amount is Rs 1760. The Total loan repayment amount is Rs 2120

Also, M Pokket is governed by RBI & we have our own NBFC license. M Pokket is legally compliant and well regulated.

Instant personal loan online up to Rs 30,000, RBI-registered NBFC Loan App –

Loan amount – Rs 500 to Rs 30,000

Interest rates – from 1% to 6% per month 

Tenure – 61 days to 120 days

Note – Interest Rate is too High, Because of 1 – 6 % per Month.  I Suggestion you don’t take a loan from there. In the future when the interest rate decrease, I recommended take a loan from there.

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