5 Interesting Facts About Shubham Gupta Choudhury (Charlie) Do You Know


Who does not know about Charlie, Charlie is a large YouTuber and owner of the “Rule Breaker” YouTube channel. Charlie has 275k followers on YouTube on YouTube. We all loved to watch his videos, this tech geek gives us all the latest news about tech, teaches us and also doesn’t fails to entertain us. but today we are going to tell you few facts about him that can amaze you.

About Charlie
Real Name Shubham Gupta Choudhury
Nick Name Charlie
Date Of Birth 02/07/1996
Birth Place Asansol, Kolkata
College Asansol Polytechnic College Civil Engineering
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian

5 Interesting Facts About Charlie

1. As we all know charlie, the tech youtuber , but do you know that charlie isn’t his real name. His Real Name is Shubham Gupta Choudhury. He Is Hindu By religion.

2. As we all know he makes videos and posts hindi, and we all have seen him speaking hindi and english everywhere, in his videos, posts, shows, interviews. But do Yoou Know Hindi/English isn’t his mother tounge/ First language. Actually His First language is Bengali. He is From West Bengal. I know you  guys  would be amazed to know that because he can speak hindi as good as his first language so its seems impossible to  find.

3.  As we all know Charlie teaches  us about tech, ethical hacking, coding, hardware, bugs and all that but you would be amazed to know that Charlie dosen’t even have a computer degree. Yes he never goes to any institute to learn those things. every knowledge he has is all gain by himself. at the age of 10 he was very interested about this things and started to learn through internet. this fact also motivates us that if you want to learn anything the you can do it all by yourself through internet.

4. Educational Background- Do You Know Charlie has a degree of Civil Engineer, yes you heard it right he is a Civil Engineer by Profession. Also he is done jobs on that field and has work experience of almost 5 Years.

5. You May laugh to hear the last fact that he is the only person in his village to have a broadband connection till now. Yes he belongs to a very remote village. since 2014 the village doesn’t have mobile network. and in 2020 he got broadband connection by BSNL for his work.

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